Art Packing & Crating

Art Packing & Crating Services

Just buying a piece of art or antique is not enough. You need to have it installed or placed at a safe place in your home or office from the location. It’s a lengthy and scrupulous process to bring those arts from various parts of the world to your home or private gallery. 

And the process starts from the art packing and crating services. We’re a New-Delhi based firm that provides the safest packing and crating options of fine art and antiques from anywhere in the india. 

At Chamole, we use high-quality packaging material providing all-around protection to your art. The packaging withstands every challenge that comes while bringing the arts to your location.

We use reliable and durable wooden crates that are also suitable for international art transportation. Once you choose our fine art crating service, rest assured that your fine art is handled securely and safely at every stage of the shipping process.

Our professional carpenters create custom crates that are ideal for art packing & shipping.  Chamole has a team passionate about their work and possesses rich and invaluable experience in engineering crates and securing items inside them.

We use Crates made with a precise and responsible craftsmanship process. Every item gets proper stabilization in the crates for transportation. 

Choose Chamole as we have comprehensive experience in fine art packing and crating in India and beyond. It is needless to say that, you will not find anyone better than us. 

Here is why?

Dedicated Artwork Transportation Service ~ We’re not like other shipping and delivery service providers. We’re experts in artwork transportation. We choose specially designed packaging boxes and transport mediums to bring home your precious artworks. 

Fully Trained Professional ~ You know the value of an artwork, and do we. Our trained professionals undertake a variety of essential services such as art storage, art packaging, white gloves courier delivery, high-quality crating, art installation, and more.  Our long years of experience come in handy when you choose our services. 

Wide range of services ~ We’re a fully dedicated packing and shipping company specialized in handling, packaging, shipping, unpacking, crating, storing, etc of art antiques, luxury items, and more. We started our business in 2005 and since then, providing services to private collectors, auction houses, art dealers, artists, art galleries, museums, and more in various parts of the world.

Best Price- Guaranteed ~ Chamole servers the evolving needs of art lovers in the world with excellent fine art packing and crating services. As compared to the large art logistics companies, we offer better prices. Besides better pricing, you get excellent pre and post-customer services quickly and efficiently.

Do our services look interesting to you? Make a call to our customer care team or choose to generate a quotation for your services on our websites.

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