Fine art shipping is a complex process requiring art logistics and attention to detail, which you can find here, at Chamole. The core components of that process are art packing and crating, and, what is no less important, skillful artwork handling that requires professional knowledge about the item’s weaknesses, potential of breaks, cracks etc.

The art of installation is a rare gift that not everyone possesses. You may admire the way your art is organized in your current house or apartment, but what happens if you decide to change your residence? In this case, moving an art installation may become a challenging process, both from the security and the artistic viewpoint. 

Art storage is an integral component of art transportation and one of the most vital services that any reputable fine art shipping company has to provide. After all, if you need to ship fine art or antiques, you may need to store them first for some time to arrange the shipping process and to ensure that everything is properly packed and crated.

Chamole is a New Delhi based company with two decades of experience in moving fine art and antiques both locally and internationally. Our dedicated team has already gained the trust of many well-known auction houses, artists, and reputable art dealers in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and other states of the country.

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We are providing the safest options for shipping fine art and antiques both across the India and overseas.